success stories

Max Sherman

Max has gained so much confidence in himself since joining the Training Loft. Watch this video to see how Training Loft has guided him through his journey.

tom & leanna

Tom & Leanna have had an amazing time at the Training Loft. Find out how they have prepared for their wedding upcoming in August. 

Courtney Wild

Founder and CEO of Arch Waxing Studio. Courtney needed some accountability and direction. Listen to her story here. 

mark hill

Mark has lost over 80 pounds in 4 months. Listen to his incredible journey.

Alla Awad

Alla has gained so much confidence since joining Training Loft. Listen to her fitness journey.

kat secretaria

Kat is an ER Nurse and works the night shift. She still finds time to come in and train. This is her story.

skyla nouri

Skyla has crushed her workouts ever since joining Training Loft. Listen to her story to see how she is navigating her fitness journey.

Terrance Hunter

Terrance has made it his personal mission to become stronger and healthier. This is how he did it.

natalya cappellini

Co-Founder and owner of Curato Construction, Natalya is an extremely busy professional. However, she’s made conscious decision to put her body first. Listen to her story here.