Frequently Asked Questions

Training Loft offers intimate semi-private training sessions that provide personalized attention and customized workouts without the high cost of typical L.A. private training sessions.

Absolutely, Training Loft's unique approach to training allows for tailored workout plans that cater to your specific goals and needs to achieve optimal results. Plus, we include personal training, nutrition coaching, and recovery services in one monthly fee.

The semi-private training sessions at Training Loft consist of no more than three individuals and one trainer to ensure a personalized experience. 

Each training session is 30 minutes in length. Our proprietary, science-backed KALEN protocol ensures maximum results in minimal time by incorporating cardio, strength, flexibility, mobility and more into each workout. 

Yes, our expert trainers will work with you to create a tailored workout plan that suits your fitness level to ensure a successful fitness journey.

Training Loft boasts a fully equipped gym complete with free weights, resistance training machines, cardio equipment, and a functional training area.

It is common to feel sore after your first session at Training Loft, but our expert recovery trainers will guide you through safe and effective movements to minimize any discomfort.

We recommend attending training sessions at least 2-3 times per week to achieve optimal results.

Nope! Absolutely anyone can sign up, member or non-member.

There’s no limit. We’ve been wanting to offer this to everyone for a while now, but had to make sure we could accommodate as many people as wanted to enroll. It took some doing to perfect the process, but we’ve done it!

You’ll get a personalized meal plan perfect just for you, no matter what dietary needs, restrictions, or health issues you may have.

Here’s a breakdown:

Initial Inbody Consultation: This is your starting point. Yes, our Inbody machine will get measurements, but we’ll go way deeper. We’ll pinpoint your goals, your health issues, and any dietary restrictions specific to you, and then determine the quickest, safest way for you to reach your goals. There’s nothing cookie-cutter here. (And you’ll get this consultation each month you’re signed up.)

50 Minute Nutrition Design Session: This is a 50-minute consultation with Tammy, our certified in-house nutritionist. She makes it her goal to truly understand each client’s lifestyle and individual needs, so together, you can craft a tailor-made nutrition plan just for you.

Nutrition Journal Tutorial: Think of this as the foundation that your new nutritious lifestyle is going to be built on. During this session, you’ll learn how to record your food input so that it becomes second nature. Get this part right, and you’ll be ready for the new meal plan you could feasibly sustain for the rest of your life.

Your Optimal Meal Plan: Remember, this meal plan takes into account your goals, any dietary needs or restrictions you have, and the lifestyle you lead. Made just for you means it’ll work for you. (You’ll also get meal prep advice and easy-to-follow recipes.)

Grocery List: Now you don’t have to stand in the grocery store wondering what in the world to buy. You’ll have it all planned out for you in a simple list, based on your individual plan.

3 x 30 Minute Follow Up Sessions: This is where we check in with each other. What’s working? What isn’t? We’ll make any tweaks that need to be made, so you can continue to eat better, feel better, perform better, and look better.

Nope! Absolutely anyone can sign up, member or non-member.

Every membership includes one treatment per month. Additional treatment sessions beyond what’s included in your membership can also be purchased a la carte.

All sessions added to your account have a lifespan of 2 months from the date they are added to your account. This allows you to travel without the fear of 'losing' your sessions