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  • Personal Training in Los Angeles - The Training Loft - My First Visit to Akeso Therapeutics

    My First Visit to Akeso Therapeutics

    So my first visit to Akeso Therapeutics for an acupuncture session with owner Colette Widrin was amazing. Colette is a Weho local and has lived in the neighborhood for quite some time. I met at her beautiful studio located just off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I was kinda nervous truth be told. I had never had acupuncture before and needles are not my favorite thing. Thankfully, I soon found out the nerves were totally unfounded. Colette is very calming. The first part of the procedure was a fascinating ‘intake’ consultation. Beginning with my pulse and very detailed examination of my tongue (yes my tongue), I knew I was in good hands. Without any prior disclosure, ....

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  • Want A Better Booty? Join a Group Class

    One of our most popular group classes at The Training Loft is Jarret Janko’s booty sculpting class. People absolutely love it. I wanted to get Jarret’s perspective on the class and pick his brain a little bit about the benefits of group classes. Enjoy!
    1) What are five things you teach in your Booty Sculpting class? How do they help create the perfect behind?
    The “bootification” of our culture has got women (and men) focused on making sure their booty game is on point. My 45-minute booty sculpting class is designed to tighten and lift your booty. I’ve broken it down into 5 sections: butt kicks, squats, lunges, box jumps, and side kicks.
    The ....

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  • The #1 Reason People Fail To Reach Their Fitness Goals

    This month is Referral Month at the Training Loft and as I watch our trainers walk past me sporting T-Shirts that say “Friends Don’t Let Friends Fail”, it go me thinking… What’s the biggest reason people don’t hit their fitness goals? Why do people fall off? I know that this topic is not “sexy” and you might prefer to hear specific diet tips or training pointers, but hear me out on this one because this is the most common thing we see at the gym. The #1 reason for failure to achieve fitness goals is the general procrastination, laziness, and poor mental attitude about what clients actually BELIEVE they achieve. In other ....

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  • 5 Bad Habits Newbies Often Make

    As a personal trainer with 10 years of experience helping clients transform their bodies, I see a lot of bad and dangerous exercise habits when people first walk into our studio. Most stem from what people have learned from a friend at the gym or something they read in a health magazine. Sadly, a lot of ‘common knowledge’ is ill-informed and not backed up by any credible research or science. To try and curb this trend, I’ve outlined five of the most common ‘bad habits’ we see almost every week.
    1. To Stretch or Not To Stretch
    The simple answer is, it depends on the exercise routine or training session you are about to perform. It turns out ....

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  • What I Learned When Justin Bieber Visited My Gym

    It’s another busy Tuesday morning in the studio. Clients are walking in looking tired and leaving looking refreshed (I love my job). As my 11 am appointment steps out the door I find a minute to reflect on a few things. It’s been three years since Stephen and I opened the studio and when I look around, I can barely believe what we’ve accomplished. Renovations, expansions, building the perfect team of trainers… It’s been an enormous amount of hard work. “Every day has been an adventure” I realize. Then the phone rings. On the other end of the line is a soft voice that politely asks if we’ve ever had a film crew use our ....

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  • Want To Lose Weight? Think Twice About a Gym Membership

    Conventional wisdom would have us believe that to improve your health, one of the easiest and most convenient solutions would be to ‘join a gym’. But is a gym membership really the solution to a better and healthier life? The answer is NO
    . Shocking coming from a personal trainer right? But don’t take my word for it. Statistics show that only 10% of Americans who own a gym membership (which is roughly 45 million people as of 2009) actually use it. And of those 10%, few ever get results. The reality is, most gyms are nothing more than warehouses filled with ‘exercise equipment’. A maiden gym goer is expected to buy a membership and figure it all out ....

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  • Does The Six Meal Plan Actually Work?

    People often ask us, “Will I burn more calories if I eat six small meals instead of three big meals a day? The notion behind it is simple: stretch out your daily calories over six meals and it will stimulate your metabolism and burn more calories… There’s only one small problem, it’s wrong. The science is pretty straight forward, as long as total caloric and nutrient intake stays the same, then metabolism, at the end of the day, should stay the same as well. Here’s a snippet from a great article in the New York Times : “One study that carefully demonstrated this, published in 2009 in The British Journal of Nutrition , involved groups of ....

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  • Diet Vs. Exercise

    If you’ve ever tried to shed a few pounds, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about this question before – What works best, a diet plan or exercise? Spoiler alert, it’s both. A combination of the two produce the best results. That’s not going to come as a big shock to most, but what is surprising are some interesting findings that came out of a 2014 study from the University of Missouri that examined real-life experiences of participants to determine which program helps people lose pounds and gain health benefits.
    When just dieting, people lost lean tissue, not fat.
    Participants who attended Weight Watchers for 12 weeks lost an average of 5 ....

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