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  • I have to admit that I was trepidatious about signing-up for a “Spartan style” work-out. What I discovered after the second session (the first session is still a blur) was key to your work-out methodology- “push yourself” each time you train.

    You and Stephen have constantly attempted to get me to try harder each time I worked-out- increase the intensity. I found myself often increasing the weight, but not the intensity of the work-out. The friendly competitiveness of working-out with you guys on the same routine was just the push I needed to understand the intensity I needed, if I was to start making real progress towards a healthier me.

    In one month, I lost 12 pounds and dropped 3 inches from my waist. I have never been healthier in my life. The work-out has allowed me to break through the crescendo of health and strength I had been stuck on.

    Thank you guys- so much for bringing this style of Workout to my gym experience- sign me up for the next session!

    Mario del Pero
  • I learned about this gym and I was motivated to check it out because I have a BIG birthday coming up and I figured that there’s no way out of getting older, but I don’t have to be out of shape too.

    I have had 5 sons, (they are all grown now) and I always prided myself in getting my figure back after each baby and exercising and staying in shape over the years, but then there were about 4 years where I went through some trials and was a care giver for a few years and the pounds kept gradually increasing and I was getting out of breath very easily and my knee joints were really bothering me. I just didn’t feel good and not like my usual very active self.

    This is the perfect fit for me. I have exercised and dieted enough in the past to know that you need a combination of eating right and exercising to see results and so when I learned that this gym provides it all in one place, with a fantastic price I became very committed.

    There is state of the art equipment, professional trainers that support and instruct you through every session, and a nutrition plan. I have been going just about 5 days a week and this is my 5th week and I have lost 5 inches in my waist and I’m building muscle and burning fat.. I am feeling so much better, physically and more confident and alert. When I reach the target amount of body fat that I need to lose I can continue on a maintenance plan. The 30 min intense workout makes it easy to fit into my day. Thank you!!!

    MJ L
  • I honestly planned on only going for a month but now am on my fourth month. Over 40 and used to make up every excuse not to work out. Joining Steve at The Training Loft has been a great decision. The trainers are awesome as they keep you motivated and apply enough pressure to get you through a great workout. Only 20 – 25 minutes a day and you can see the results almost immediately. I lost 6 pounds in the first 3 weeks (going 3 times a week on average) and now I am down 12 pounds and have definition which (believe me) I have never had.

    I would recommend you give it a try – you literally can jam in an out of there in 30 minutes and get back to your day.

    Phillip B
  • I really wanted to lose weight but had tried every diet under the sun but I never got the results. I had heard about The Training Loft through others who had succeeded and had thought about joining for some time but kept putting it off. After realizing I couldn’t do it on my own I finally joined.

    I loved the fact that I had my own trainer to push me and motivate me. Wayne and Steve were always on hand to help and give nutritional advice. In just 12 days I lost 8lbs and was much more toned. This motivated me even more and soon my clothes all began to get looser and looser!

    Now after just 12 weeks I feel like a new person, my self confidence has soared and I’m full of energy and much more confident in my clothes.

    I can’t believe how 3 x 20 minute sessions has changed me, I’ve lost 4 inches off my waist, 7 inches off my tummy and 4 inches off my hips!! I could not have done this alone, the guys are fantastic and make it so much easier. My new found confidence is priceless. I lost a massive 25lbs in 12 weeks and am absolutely thrilled, it was the best investment I could have made in myself and I’m looking forward to carrying on!!

    Adelle Flatley


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