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So my first visit to Akeso Therapeutics for an acupuncture session with owner Colette Widrin was amazing. 

Colette is a Weho local and has lived in the neighborhood for quite some time. I met at her beautiful studio located just off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. 

I was kinda nervous truth be told. I had never had acupuncture before and needles are not my favorite thing. Thankfully, I soon found out the nerves were totally unfounded. Colette is very calming. The first part of the procedure was a fascinating ‘intake’ consultation. Beginning with my pulse and very detailed examination of my tongue (yes my tongue), I knew I was in good hands. Without any prior disclosure, Colette determined pretty quickly that I had some type of asthma when I was kid. She also I knew I dehydrate easily and run at a hot temperature during the day but especially at night - all absolutely on point and pretty fascinating. Of course, stress is a frequent visitor in my repertoire of complaints but hey, those are the joys of living in a fast-paced modern city. 

The acupuncture session began like a massage, face down in a beautifully quilted massage table. Then with a few deep breaths, Colette placed 10 to 15 acupuncture needles from the back of my head, down my back, wrists, knees and ankles. It felt strange but awesome - very relaxing sensations, especially the ones into the head… kinda felt like a massage comb. Once placed, my job was to just chill out for about 25 minutes. The drool at the end indicated I must have fallen asleep about 3 times. Once the procedure was over, I felt as though I had had a deep but relaxing massage. I was completely 'zen’d out' which for me is very rare. I highly recommend trying this out. I can’t wait for my second session.

- Wayne

Ps. Colette has very gracefully offered a limited number of consultations and first acupuncture treatments to Training Loft clients. Get all the details on our new referral page!

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