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Conventional wisdom would have us believe that to improve your health, one of the easiest and most convenient solutions would be to ‘join a gym’. But is a gym membership really the solution to a better and healthier life?

The answer is NO. Shocking coming from a personal trainer right?

But don’t take my word for it. Statistics show that only 10% of Americans who own a gym membership (which is roughly 45 million people as of 2009) actually use it. And of those 10%, few ever get results.

The reality is, most gyms are nothing more than warehouses filled with ‘exercise equipment’. A maiden gym goer is expected to buy a membership and figure it all out for themselves.

Where do you start? What weight do I use? What exercises should I do for my arms and shoulders, chest and back, legs? How many reps? It can be intimidating, confusing, and worst of all, how do you ever expect to get results? It’s like buying all the pieces to a massive, 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle with no picture to see what you’re trying to create. Recipe for disaster and frustration.

When it comes to health and fitness, we are surrounded by masses of information, some good and some totally misleading. Whoever shouts the loudest and has the biggest advertising budget usually wins.

Good personal trainers dedicate our professional lives to cutting through all the white noise. We use credible research to create personalized training programs, we study how food affects the body and invent nutrition plans, and then we act as emotional and mental support as we watch clients push themselves harder than they ever have before. Our multi-tiered approach to getting our clients into the best shape of their lives is something we eat, breath and sleep every day.

So if you’re thinking about slimming down or just eager to get in better shape, remember that great personal trainers (like our team at the Training Loft) are not only experts in motivation, they are certified professionals just as driven to meet your goals as you are.

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