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One of our most popular group classes at The Training Loft is Jarret Janko’s booty sculpting class. People absolutely love it.

I wanted to get Jarret’s perspective on the class and pick his brain a little bit about the benefits of group classes. Enjoy!

1) What are five things you teach in your Booty Sculpting class? How do they help create the perfect behind?

The “bootification” of our culture has got women (and men) focused on making sure their booty game is on point. My 45-minute booty sculpting class is designed to tighten and lift your booty. I’ve broken it down into 5 sections: butt kicks, squats, lunges, box jumps, and side kicks.

The difference between my class and other booty sculpting classes is my approach. I love what I do and bring a huge amount of energy to every class. I introduce my clients to their inner ‘beast’, promote positivity and change while kicking ass. My most pleasurable moments as a fitness professional is challenging 20 people to smile while dying.

2) What are the benefits of group classes over a traditional gym workout?

Group classes are the cure to procrastination. As a personal trainer, I’m constantly pushing clients to keep going, so I know how important motivation can be. Our group classes at The Training Loft are tailored to help people maintain their motivation through support and inspiration. The group effect uses ‘the energy of the masses’ to keep you from stopping. It’s also a huge confidence boost.

3) In general, when will people begin to see a difference?

It may sound cliche, but my clients began to see a difference on day 1. Getting real results starts with the mind so I work really hard to help clients imagine the outcome and the feeling they will get when accomplishing all of their fitness goals. Establishing that foundation creates a love for working out and that often spills over into my client’s everyday lives. And that becomes addictive.

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