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Jason McLaughlin in Los Angeles - The Training Loft

Jason McLaughlin

Originally from Easton, Pennsylvania, Jason has developed his effectiveness as a coach through a very obvious passion to help clients achieve a greater state of health and wellness. He studied Exercise Science at Bloomsburg University, and continued with his education by becoming a certified trainer through NASM, specializing in weight loss, bodybuilding, rehabilitation, and mobility.

His life experiences have broadened his approach to coaching by incorporating mindfulness and meditation into his programs. He believes that successfully adapting and adhering to healthy lifestyle habits come through one’s development of emotional intelligence. Through acquiring this inner awareness, one is able to feel a profound balancing of body, mind, and spirit.

His experience of structured religion propelled him on a search that lead him to the study of world religions and spirituality. He began developing his meditation practice at the age of 19, and firmly believes that meditation is a basic human function that everyone is capable of developing. He has since incorporated a foundation of breath-work into his practice after studying the methods developed by Wim Hof. 

His passion and focus of study is rooted in using meditative techniques to facilitate behavioral change, belief system reprogramming, and enriching one’s present states of health and happiness.

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